DVD Audio 11 tracks, 47:28
Heavy Metal
Hammerfall - Crimson Thunder
Nuclear Blast (2002)
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Severin Lochinger

CD Regal
01  Riders of the Storm 04:33
02  Hearts on Fire 03:51
03  On the Edge of Honour 04:49
04  Crimson Thunder 05:05
05  Lore of the Arcane 01:27
06  Trailblazers 04:39
07  Dreams Come True 04:02
08  Angel of Mercy 05:38
09  The Unforgiving Blade 03:40
10  In Memoriam 04:22
11  Hero's Return 05:22
Drums and Percussion Anders Johansson
Acoustic Guitar Stefan Elmgren
Bass Guitar Magnus Rosén
Guitar-Electric Oscar Dronjak
Guitar-Electric Stefan Elmgren
Vocals-Backing Oscar Dronjak
Vocals-Backing Stefan Elmgren
Vocals-Lead Joacim Cans
Textautor Joacim Cans; Oscar Dronjak
Produzent Charlie Baverfeimo
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Digital/Analog DDD
Sound Multi-Channel; Stereo
Hammerfall's grandiose heavy metal posturing only narrowly avoids the type of self-parody exhibited by Manowar (for that matter, the bandmembers' outfits are only slightly less ridiculous than Manowar's swords-and-loincloths look). But fans of the genre probably won't care - the band performs its soaring power metal anthems with spirit, dedication, and heroic execution on Crimson Thunder. This is pure classicism here; Hammerfall devotedly adheres to the genre guidelines of '80s power metal, without any attempts toward innovation. Includes an inspired cover version of Chastain's obscure "Angel of Mercy" and a rather pointless take on Kiss' already overdone "Detroit Rock City."